UFO Community, Radio, And The Quintessential Balcony Person

The UFO community, by and large, is smart, curious, interesting, and dedicated. It also has major issues. I’ve sat back for a long time watching, reading, and listening to various and sundry takes on each other. On any given day, it’s snipe and snark about an individual’s work, established organizations stumbling around as though it’s nighttime, and the lights have been turned off, authenticity versus opinion, who’s on first, what’s on second, and I don’t know’s on third. The squabbling just does not stop, and would be so beneficial to listeners if it did.

There are a bazillion podcasts available for anyone’s listening pleasure, plus talk radio programs, and YouTube shows galore. Some are worth the listening or watching, and some are so amateur, it’s painful to spend two minutes on them. Just a little time will reveal which ones are a cut above the rest. Those have paid their dues, and have earned our listening ears.

As a quintessential balcony person, out of the multitude of shows currently available, I have three favorites. These are shows that, over time, have proven they are above name calling, host bashing, guest disrespecting, and topic insulting. The first and foremost favorite is Spaced Out Radio, with host, Dave Scott. I found his show in early spring of 2015, about three months after he launched it in November, 2014. I have never left. He is a trained, boots on the ground, experienced in the news room journalist. He’s the real deal. For variety, fun, interest, and information, SOR is the best show out there, today. Another favorite is Rich Giordano’s show on his Gufonetwork. He is a pioneer in the field of live paranormal radio, providing truth to listeners since 2006. He knows his stuff, and as a bonus, is one of the funniest men on this planet. A listener can trust him and what he says. My third favorite is Chant Hannah with Frank Stalter. They provide excellent information in the interviews they do, and always are courteous to their guests. I feel as though I can let my ever present guard down when listening to them.

Why the others in radio and podcast land can’t get along or show the respect and professionalism these three shows do is a mystery to me. There are enough listeners out there for everyone; well, everyone who has the chops and skills to make it to the top. If one is following his or her destiny, there is no time for demeaning, degrading, or damaging anyone else. It’s a full time job to get it done, and done right. Those who win are those who focus on excellence. Perhaps, that is the best descriptor word for my three favorite shows. They are and will continue to be just that, excellent. And that is why I am part of their grateful audience.

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