Maria Orsic, The Vril, And Post Cards From Space

There is one person in UFO lore with whom I am completely taken, and wish I could know more. Actually, there is plenty written about her life; I want to know what happened to her when she disappeared.

Maria Orsic is unquestionably one of the most beautiful women who ever lived. She was born on October 31, 1895. Her father, Thomas, was an architect who hailed from Zagreb, Croatia, and her mother, Sabine, was a beautiful German ballerina from Vienna. Their daughter, Maria Orsic, would become a famous medium, who later became the creator and leader of the Vril Society.

As a young adult, Maria identified with the German national movement, which was an outgrowth of WWI’s ending. Their determined goal was to unite Austria with Germany.

In 1919, Maria moved to Munchen, where she fell in with a group that represented and perpetuated her nationalistic goals, the Thule Gesellschaft. It was not long before she created her own group, together with several other friends: the ‘Alldeutsche Gesellschaft fur Metaphysik’, which was the official name of the Vril Gesellschaft.

All members of her group were young women, who, among other things, did not like the current short-haired fashion women of the day were sporting. Both Maria and her close friend, Traute, were beautiful women who had very long hair, which they wore in pony tails. Subsequently, women in the Vril all began wearing their hair in this manner, making them easily identifiable as members of the group. They believed their long hair was an antenna which received alien communication from space. For additional identification, Vril members also wore a disk which represented the two mediums, Maria Orsic and her friend, Sigrun.

During this time Maria developed her mediumship skills, and was recognized as the founder and leader of the Vril, who affiliated with the Nazi party, and became one of their secret societies. The Vril named themselves after an ancient Sumerian word, ‘Vri-ll’, meaning ‘God-like’, which was a result of Orsic receiving communication from extraterrestrials, who supposedly lived in Sumeria before leaving Earth for the Aldebaran star system, many years before.

As a medium, when Maria received communication from distant ETs, she transcribed the messages into two different languages. The first was a German Templar language, and the second was the ancient Sumerian language, native to where the ETs were supposed to have lived long ago. At one point, after Maria’s messages were translated into German, it was discovered, much to everyone’s surprise, that she had been given complete and detailed instructions for building a flying saucer. There is much speculation about how the Nazis used this information. Everything from ‘foo fighters’ to the ‘Nazi Bell’ has been attributed to her ET communications.

In 1945, the Vril Society disappeared. None has ever been found, and the only document from their mysterious disappearance is a letter from Maria, in which she stated: “niemand bleibt hier”; translated, no one is staying here.

I like to think Maria Orsic built her space craft, and flew off to Alpha Centauri. Why not? She received the instructions, could have followed them, built a perfectly viable ship, and gone on her way. More power to you, Maria, and all who are brave enough to follow their dreams. Seriously, if I’m ever given the blueprint for building a spacecraft, just so no one worries, I promise to drop a post card before I hit the Kármán Line. I just wish Maria had done that, so we who came after her would know for certain where she went.

4 thoughts on “Maria Orsic, The Vril, And Post Cards From Space

  1. She was as the other girls keeped in to a very far place from the cities and population, there they keep her under medications and a very strong security system to keep her away to escape, even after the war had ended they keep them alive to still try to make the thing happen, but it didn’t, she escaped from there with help from the beings that she had contact.


  2. Razonable que pudiera irse de alli, a pesar de los controles sino seria todo muy basico y no tendria nada de especial. lastima no poder contactar, Sdos.


  3. The likelihood is she fled to South America like the other nazi war criminals, but I like to think she went to the ones she was communicating with. However, its likely that didnt happen, because apparently, the ETs she was speaking too at some point abruptly cut off all contact when they realized that their knowledge was being misused for war.


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