A Night To Remember, George Knapp Interview On Spaced Out Radio

Thursday, April 4, 2019. This is a date I knew would be special; however, nothing prepared me for just how spectacular the evening would be. To clarify, it was another day in April, but for fans of Spaced Out Radio, an alternative late night program broadcast out of British Columbia, Canada, the show on this particular evening would exceed our wildest expectations.

We had the privilege of George Knapp being our guest. George Knapp, people! Investigative Reporter, News Anchor for KLAS-TV, Chief Reporter For channel 8’s I-Team Investigative Unit, recipient of a plethora of awards, and a really, really smart guy.

I knew the show would be good, that was a given. What I did not know, nor expect, was how candid, genuine, and utterly open Mr Knapp was. From the first question posed by host, Dave Scott, to the final moments, when Scott was complimenting him on his fine hair and beard, Knapp was informed, humorous and good natured. The entire evening had the ambiance of two old friends sitting in front of a Canadian fireplace, going over current affairs in journalism, the UFO world, and detailing past stories, filling in areas which had been vacant for some time.

Listening to such compelling questions by Scott, and responses by Knapp, was an experience that ranged from, “No kidding!” to “I had no idea you went through that!” The stories he shared were told as matter of fact, unadorned, and straightforward. Perhaps, for him, time has softened the emotion of these many events, but for someone hearing them for a first time, it was riveting.

I encourage everyone to go to Spaced Out Radio’s Archives on YouTube, and listen to this show, if you did not hear it live, or if you want to pick up things you may have missed during the broadcast. What you will learn, besides a wealth of inside information from one who has been there, in person, is how two professionals conduct themselves doing what they have been trained for, with integrity and respect. It is an experience you will not soon forget.

(Photo courtesy of LasVegasNow.com)

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