Hairy Warning From The Sea

A giant, hairy globster carcass has washed up on shore in the Philippines, causing serious concerns among the local residents of an impending disaster. The 20 foot long hairy mass of horribly smelling decomposition washed ashore in San Antonio, a town located in Oriental Mindoro Province. The greyish blob is 4 feet wide at one end, 2 feet wide at the other end, and residents think the sea creature looks like something from another planet.

Believing in old sayings, locals fear the big globster arriving on their shore, from the deepest parts of the sea, is a warning of something bad coming. Their fear is that it most likely will be an earthquake.

Workers from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources in Mimapora Region believe the carcass probably is a dead whale, although it also could be a manatee, or sea cow as it is commonly known. Whether it is whale or sea cow, the bizarre and mysterious hairs covering the globster are actually muscle fibers which are in a very advanced stage of decomposition.

Fisheries law enforcement officers have taken samples of the creature, and have sent the tissue to their lab for DNA testing. The remains eventually will be disposed of by burying; and until lab results are back, it will be a warning of disaster to locals, and its identity an enigma from the sea to scientists.

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