They Are Mine, Give Them Back!

The WordPress App for my iPhone was updated today. You know, that thing that happens when we are not looking. There was a time when an update became available, and we, the owners of the phone, had the privilege and responsibility of saying, “yes, please, or no thanks”. Now it is done for us in those secret places where technological mortals are not welcome. And we have no choice in the matter.

Today’s WordPress Update boasts three topics. But, the one that has me flinging off the planet is titled: Redesign of the Notifications tab. That’s all it says. What does this mean? I do not have, nor can I find a clue, other than all the notifications I had, monitored, and referenced daily are gone. That’s right. Completely gone. In place of all my notifications is a new screen telling me I do not have any notifications yet. I DID A MINUTE AGO YOU _________s (fill in the blank with your blue word of choice)!!

I am issuing a plea to anyone who knows what happened, or how to retrieve my notifications to help me out here. Am I the only one who has experienced this? Can I get my notifications back? Do you have a contact number or email address for the WordPress people who pose as helpers? Or want to know how I like their new update. I would love to tell them precisely what I think.

In an effort to regain my peace of mind, and relocate my happy place while I await some assistance, I am going to go make pudding. Yes. And it will be chocolate pudding; the big gun of comfort food.

25 thoughts on “They Are Mine, Give Them Back!

  1. So I just updated the latest WordPress app and my notifications are there. The only differences I see are (1) there is either a small star in blue or a small text bubble in blue on the lower left of the persons Gravatar that I guess is a visual clue as to whether the notification is a like or a comment; and (2) you can now “like” a comment from your iPhone.

    What version of iOS are you on? I’m on iOS 8 and it seems to be working fine. Maybe you’re on an older version. Or maybe you should delete the app and then reload it. Maybe something got corrupted when it was loading to your iPhone.


    1. Thank you! I have been holding off updating my phone to the iOS 8; I always like to give them a little time to work out the bugs before I make the change. However, if yours is working, that might be my answer. Plus, I was so angry, I did not think to delete and download, again. You have been a great help! Want some chocolate pudding?


  2. After my experiences with WP this week, and their unwanted changes, can I please share in some of that chocolate pudding???? And if I knew of a place, address or site to complain about WP, I’d be burying it with complaints. Good Luck, and let us know how it turns out


  3. I have repeatedly asked WP to quit changing things – we all like it the way is, but changes keep coming. But I’m afraid I’ve never had my notifications messed with(at least not to my knowledge), so I can’t help there – sorry.


    1. I am not good with change for change sake. And when it messes up something important, it makes me wild-eyed. I have tried a couple things, but no notifications. Thank you for the comment.


  4. VG, can you just not use the phone app and treat it like any other site you sign into? You may need to disable the phone app and then do a search with “/admin” tacked on. That is what is what I do and I decline to access the phone app when it is advertised to me. BTG


  5. Last night I had a similar experience. Usually I like to work on my very old Dell laptop because it is easier to see, but I was working on the tiny 13″ Apple my son got me, when the avatar for a lady I have known a while popped up saying she was following my new blog. I was happy to see that and logged in to follow her back. Well, the link to the avatar was not for her blog but a mutual friend of ours. Huh? How did that happen?

    I decided to contact her privately and clicked on her contact link and up pops a new IM type software. Well, I am not a technology person so I clicked out of that ASAP. What happens next was the strangest thing I ever remember happening to me. There in front of me was about an hour-long conversation between my husband and our youngest daughter! I remember watching him sit and chat with her on his iPad (not my Apple) back last year, but how did it get on my little Apple computer? Now this conversation was back in 2013, not yesterday or last week. HOW did that come to me last night?

    Are there gremlins out there just waiting to trick us or what?


  6. There should be two versions of WP, and every other app out there: One for technophobes who love change and thrive on it, and one for the rest of us. I am not saying don’t make changes. Security driven changes are critical. Others may, or may not improve our blogging and Internet experiences. They should be infrequent, simple, and optional. –Curt


  7. The link to support is your best bet. I don’t have a phone but I have had some problems recently and the support was helpful. Might take a couple of days before they respond but they’ll work with you to get things right.


    1. It is awful. Not only are my notifications gone and nothing I have done has brought them back, if I want to see what current reader countries I have, I must click on YESTERDAY. TODAY always shows I have had no views.


    2. I have an iPhone 5 that is current on its updates, so I have to believe whoever created this WP update was taking way too much cold medicine when they selected the green for go button.


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