Her Story, Her Way

I want you to help me write my obituary. Sure. What would you like to say? Okay, it has to begin with, I was born on a high and windy hill. No. You weren’t born on a high and windy hill. What are you talking about? I was born on a high and windy hill. […]

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I’m A 12th Man, And I’m In!

Last year, as the Seattle Seahawks were departing for New York to play in Super Bowl XLVIII, I wrote a post declaring I am a 12th Man, and attempted to explain to those who are not from the Pacific Northwest, or are Seahawk fans, just what that means. Tomorrow is the playoff game between Seattle and […]

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Let’s Rock On!

This morning, while I peacefully sat drinking coffee, and chatting with my family; seven year old granddaughter, who had been studying me from across the living room, said, “Grandma, you look just like a rock star who grew up”. Wow! I’m good with that! Eric Clapton Grace Slick Sting Stevie Nicks Paul McCartney Valleygrail And if […]

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It’s A Double Dog Dare

Last week I was absentmindedly reading friends’ Facebook posts and comments, when I came across one that not only made me do the cartoonish ahooga eye-pop; but put me in such a state, I wanted to smack something, or someone. I read and reread the comment; no question about it, the writer, in all his […]

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Jenny Lind, You Owe Me One

The Mother Lode; rich in gold, 49’er history, and splendor that was a significant part of my life growing up in, what was then, rural California. My family and grandparents spent countless weekends during the 1950’s driving around the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and panning for gold in many of the mineral rich […]

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