Push #1 For Exorcism By Phone

During a week-long course about exorcism at Pontifical Regina Apostolorum University in Rome, concern arose over whether priests performing exorcisms on their mobile phones would be able to deal with the violent physical reactions that can be caused by casting out demons. In this technologically advanced age, people can call a priest, who then will […]

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Here Comes The End Of Times Again

All of you end times prophets, and pounders of the doomsday drum; this is for you. April 23, 2018 will come and go as any other day, so forget what you were hoping would be a reprieve, and get your United States Federal Income Taxes filed.¬† Our intrepid Armageddon¬†conspiracy theorist, David Meade, is at it […]

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When Angels Intervene

I awoke in the middle of the night with incredible abdominal pain. Probably the worst I had ever experienced. Certainly worthy of an immediate trip to the Emergency Room at my local hospital.  Memories of that night still are as vivid as when everything unfolded. No beds available in the ER; I was on a […]

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In Her Honor

Every Hallowe’en I offer homage to a remarkable woman. In that tradition, I am reposting, in her honor, my heartfelt tribute. There had been rumors, rustlings of something very bad afoot. Those with whom she had spent a lifetime, and shared in the most intimate of household experiences, from childbirth to preparing a departed loved […]

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Truth Be Told

Yesterday there was a story and video in the news about a sighting of a UFO close to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio. I watched the video of the UFO, which was filmed by a couple who had been recording the sunset from their home. Unlike most, this video was fairly steady, and […]

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