Truth Be Told

Yesterday there was a story and video in the news about a sighting of a UFO close to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio. I watched the video of the UFO, which was filmed by a couple who had been recording the sunset from their home. Unlike most, this video was fairly steady, and remarkably clear. I am no expert, and admit this UFO looks different from any photograph or video I have seen, before. However, it was definitely an object hovering in the sky, and made a most unusual exit when it left.


The best description I can offer is it had the appearance of a large anvil, blue in color. And it simply hovered in the sky. When whatever appointed task was completed, it slowly rose to the clouds above, and seemed to be absorbed into them. No fanfare, no darting about, no noise or flashy lights; it was there, and then it wasn’t. Fascinating.

Do I believe in UFOs? I say a most definite maybe; a very cautious I think there is a strong possibility that perhaps UFOs, their crews and passengers are a part of life on this planet. Or not. But maybe. I am not an experiencer, and never wish to be; however, one cannot, with the wave of a cavalier hand, simply dismiss all the reports of those who, over the years, have observed and experienced other world phenomena. What I believe is that these experiencers believe with their whole beings they have encountered something more than any of us would have dreamed of in our wildest imaginings. And the stories are legion.

There is a lot of discussion, today, regarding the truth finally being revealed. Excited discussion of imminent disclosure. Who will be the one to spill the beans? Our current president, or the next elected one? Britain, Russia, the Pope? So much speculation over who will say what and when. The dialogue proceeds to how the world will react to news that all the years of science fiction stories and movies weren’t fiction at all.


The religious community does not fare well in this scenario. It is anticipated to have a collective meltdown, somehow having its foundation destroyed if mankind is not alone in the whole scheme of God and His creation. I have heard this repeated again and again, but still cannot figure out why anyone would lose faith in their God over learning He had more in mind than just them. It seems to me, it simply makes Him bigger than we first thought, and certainly more capable of managing all the heavens He created, in the first place.

There also is a large base of UFO believers who are looking toward official acknowledgement of an agreement supposedly made between President Eisenhower and aliens that gave them permission to abduct citizens of Planet Earth in exchange for technology. If this be true, there are going to be a lot of very angry people that something so nefarious was agreed upon in the first place, and that no one ever put a stop to such egregious actions after citizens reported the heinous things being done to them. Someone is going to have to answer for violations of innocent citizenry, and someone needs to be held accountable.


All in all, one cannot believe every single thing being said or written about UFOs or the off worlders who may or may not be visiting Earth. Nor can one offhandedly dismiss the experiences reported daily. I do know there is a plethora of information being withheld, or at the very least, zealously guarded. From us? Why? By whom? Why? Knowing may cause a paradigm shift of epic proportion, but that is the way of it in an expanding universe. Are we ready? I do not know. But, at the risk of sounding trite, the truth is out there, and it is time it is told.

6 thoughts on “Truth Be Told

  1. You are back. I thought you had been abducted by those aliens. What was the closing segment of the movie “Contact?” When asked about other life out in the universe, Jodie Foster’s character said, “Well, if there is not, it sure is a waste of a lot of space.”


    1. It just makes sense that there is more in all this space than us. Or not. You can see I still am undecided. It is a lively topic, though. Thank you for your comment.


  2. It seems perfectly reasonable to posit life forms elsewhere in the universe. As to visitations from them, then I think such supposed events are mere culturally influenced imaginings, or straightforward hallucinations of perception. The weight of evidence seems to dictate such a conclusion, surely?


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