When What’s On My Mind Is Have You Lost Your Mind

Every time I go to update my newsfeed on FaceBook, I am greeted with the question, “What’s on your mind?” Well, so far today, I read the incomprehensible things TV star, Roseanne Barr, said about Chelsea Clinton, George Soros, Valerie Jarrett, the Muslim Brotherhood, Planet of the Apes; and ABC’s response. Shocking, horrifying, and completely inappropriate words spoken by a public figure who one would think knew better than to say them. She did apologize, though. As if. Like none of us recognizes Damage Control when we see it.

I swear we are in a faulty time loop that has mistakenly placed us in the worst of the 1950s, instead of 2018. There are so many excuses and reasons floating around out there, but personally, I blame the Large Hadron Collider that CERN has frolicking underground on the outskirts of Geneva, Switzerland. So much has happened in that zany workplace, and it could not have been without consequences. So yes, I am putting my money for all our current global insanity on that pesky Collider. It’s as good a reason as any.

Oh, and if this were not enough to overload a person’s mind, and challenge their understanding of all things right and proper; today I was compelled to read the website for my instant coffee. It is a new brand, and has a flavor one cannot put into words. We need to go visual here: Hideously scrunched up face, one eye closure reminiscent of our old pal Pop Eye, and tongue thrust down to chin, as if that will help escape the awful flavor that is not remotely close to coffee in any incarnation, is as close as I can get to describing the taste of this crapfest of a beverage. And what did the website say in boast of their flagship coffee? INGREDIENTS 100% COFFEE MADE FROM 100% CHEESE!!! Oh yes! I blame CERN!!

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