Is It Trump’s Galician Sister

A hard hard working woman, farming in northwestern Spain, has just found surprising fame and attention. Dolores Leis Antelo was photographed by journalist, Paula Vázquez, who was covering a story about farming in the area, and posted one of her pictures of Dolores on Instagram.

It did not take long for the social media platform to light up with thousands of responses, noting Antelo’s strong resemblance to Donald Trump. It seems the blond hair and somewhat stern face has struck a chord with social media, and they want to know all about her.

In the photograph, Antelo is dressed in her farmer’s clothing, carrying a hoe over her shoulder, looking away from the camera. She had been busy planting potatoes, and was on her way to gather some cabbages. She was not worried about politics, but instead, was more concerned with a moth plague that could harm her potato crop.

Since marrying her husband 40 years ago, the native Galician has lived in Cabana de Bergantiños. The happy potato farmer has not been phased by her new fame. Antelo does not own a cell phone, so does not chat online, nor pay attention to the latest fads or trends.

Whatever news Antelo does get comes from her daughter, sharing from her phone. Antelo said it is easy to ignore internet fame when you do not own a smart phone. In the mean time, the public is enjoying getting to know everything they can about  “Trump’s Galician sister”.

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