UFO Advocate And Investigator To Retire

Longtime UFO investigator, Stanton Friedman, from Fredericton, News Brunswick, Canada has announced his retirement. The nuclear physicist and professional ufologist also is known for being the original civilian investigator of the Roswell, New Mexico incident. After graduating with a Masters of Science degree in Nuclear Physics in 1956, Friedman was employed as a nuclear physicist, working on advanced, […]

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Oops, Did I Say That?

So there I was today, standing at the nurse’s station, discussing some of my mother’s medications with one of her nurses. We reviewed what she was taking, and then proceeded to confirm her need to use a walker or a wheelchair for certain activities. While her nurse was flipping through the chart, I was studying her. […]

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On The Road Again…

Just when I thought I would never have to look at a packing box again, life called and said, “You need to go to Nineveh”. Remember Jonah? “No. Unh-uh. No way.” That’s right. My words, exactly. We all know how the story went; after much refusal, and disagreement, a large fish was called in, swallowed […]

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While There Is Time

There are certain seasons that evoke emotions I seldom experience any other time of the year. Autumn, in particular, sends me into personal reverie, not unpleasant nor melancholy; just occasionally a bit more solemn, sometimes stern, and definitely reflective. Seriously, all one has to do is look around to get the picture and understand the […]

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A Place Called Home

We can go through life trying different things, being different versions of ourselves, working at various jobs in diverse places, or we can stay one course for the duration, just wrinkling and sagging a bit more year to year. I have been, or at times, wanted to be or do all of the above. What […]

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Menu: No Rocks No Woodchips

I wish you could be in my kitchen right now. There is a pot of Tuscan white bean and kale soup simmering, and it smells good! Close your eyes, and it will transport you to Tuscany on a gorgeous autumn morning, where you can stroll through the streets of Montepulciano. Yesterday we visited Mexico by […]

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Storm’s a-comin’

Living in a small coastal community in the Pacific Northwest is as close to geographic and climatic perfection as ever I could imagine. Weather here suits me, as I am a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days, or as those of us who share this distinction are […]

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At This Stage

I have lost count of the times I preface a statement with, “at this stage of my life”.  I do believe that one glance identifies my particular stage; therefore, mentioning it probably is redundant.  So, by way of introduction, I simply say I am a Baby Boomer.  Yes, one of those seventy-six or so million […]

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