All Gave Some, And Some Gave All

Memorial Day. I love this annual holiday. It is the unofficial kick off of summer, and there are never too many barbecues, sunny days, and happy voices for me to tire of this oncoming hot, sweaty, shorts and sandals season. But more than the joy that accompanies evenings of winking fireflies and waves crashing on vacation […]

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Never Back In The Saddle Again!

There was a video on Facebook, a couple days ago, of two horses being loaded into a trailer. Ordinarily, I do not watch posted videos, because I really do not care about someones cat playing in a box, or a child eating his first solid food. Those videos usually are of interest to the owners, […]

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Let The Peach Wars Begin

“We are in this fight to win, and if you don’t mean it, or aren’t willing to give it everything you’ve got, get out and go home!” That was my brother’s opening speech and call to arms every summer at the beginning of the peach wars. ┬áThese wars were the highlight of our summer months, […]

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