Her Story, Her Way

I want you to help me write my obituary. Sure. What would you like to say? Okay, it has to begin with, I was born on a high and windy hill. No. You weren’t born on a high and windy hill. What are you talking about? I was born on a high and windy hill. […]

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Let’s Rock On!

This morning, while I peacefully sat drinking coffee, and chatting with my family; seven year old granddaughter, who had been studying me from across the living room, said, “Grandma, you look just like a rock star who grew up”. Wow! I’m good with that! Eric Clapton Grace Slick Sting Stevie Nicks Paul McCartney Valleygrail And if […]

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Get Up Ev’rybody And Sing!

We like to sing in this home. I do not mean trained, you should try out for a Hollywood competition; WOW! that was amazing kind of singing. No. Here we just burst out in song over the silliest things, often at the most unexpected times. A bit like living in a musical, without a script […]

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Love And Bop In The Fifth Grade

After lunch today, my twin grandchildren sat down at our kitchen table to address and sign Valentines for their preschool class. The joy and excitement were¬†palpable. This was the final task in preparation for their Valentine’s Party later this week; on Wednesday, all they need to do is take the cards to school, and deliver […]

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Reach High, Reach Far

We all were in the kitchen making Margherita pizza, one of the family favorites, and as trains of thought meandered this way and that, discussions pinging off each mile post along the way, someone mentioned the unlimited career choices available to the youth of today. We agreed there is no doubt the children in this […]

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Let’s Skin That Dinosaur

I was thinking about the importance of words, and how we want to be perfectly understood, all the while understanding imperfectly. And it is not just semantics or definitions of words; there is so much more, especially if one has resided in different regions of the United States. Because, the reality is, we are not […]

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Her Name Was Grandmother

I have wondered, from time to time, what actually triggers memories of certain people; the recollections that seemingly pop up out of nowhere, and instantly take us back to a time or place we were not thinking about at all, and then render us unable to think of anything else. Particular scents, music, colors, weather; […]

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