UFOs In My Lifetime

I am attempting to untangle some of the mixed messages put forth daily in the UFO community, combined with, or bouncing off of my own beliefs. The most troubling to me, currently, are the disparate views on aliens’ purpose in coming to planet Earth, if indeed they are already in residence here, or just regularly visiting.

One group of believers insist aliens have our best interests at heart (if they have hearts), and are watching over us, much like benevolent caretakers. They stay far enough away to not be meddlesome, but have on occasion prevented us humans from blowing ourselves to smithereens. I am a little uncertain of the ultimate purpose; however, I think they are supposed to be watching us grow and mature, however long it takes.

There is another group of Ufogists who see the alien as a sinister presence, with nefarious intentions. Its purpose is to exploit the resources on our planet, take our females’s ova to make hybrids, our cattle’s innards, and whatever else is of interest to them, up to, and including eating us.

I believe there is ample anecdotal evidence to confirm the presence of off worlders on Earth. I believe people have been abducted by them, and their experiences on alien crafts have been both benign and horrific. But what is the point?

Here’s part of my challenge: If aliens can manage to get here from whatever planet they originated, make their way to any town they wish, and walk right through walls to appear inside someone’s home, why can’t they bypass the abduction and experimentation, and tap into our doctor’s files that he or she keeps on all of us in his or her computer files? If learning about Earthlings is an intention, it would be so much easier to go straight to the doctor in charge of our health, or go to any library in any town and abduct a book on anatomy of humans or any animal of interest. Then, they could leave the Earthling alone.

Are they needing or wanting to exploit Earth’s resources? It seems if that were the purpose, they would simply get about it. Same with taking over the planet to settle here; they clearly have superior knowledge and abilities, why not get about the business of pillaging and plundering? They have not for many, many years; ergo, the need must not be very urgent.

My personal conclusion and conviction are very simple. I believe we Earthlings have galactic neighbors. I also believe, at an unknown time, they plan to make us part of a galactic community. Do we need to reach a particular level of social maturity first? Are we being evaluated as we go by watchers or participants from different planets? Perhaps. I don’t know, but both seem plausible, and I hope making their acquaintance happens during my lifetime.

Do we need to fear them? To my understanding, not unless one feeds on fear. There are plenty of people who rather like being afraid and a victim of something, so if it’s not aliens, it would be something else. Are they going to harm us? Could be, but if that were their purpose, they’ve had plenty of time, already, and so far have not done any mass damage to us. Are they rude and ill-mannered? You bet they are! It does not matter what they want to know about us, kidnapping, abducting, and taking is flat out unacceptable.

What sense can we make of it? My certainty lies in the preponderance of experience, which I equate to anecdotal evidence, that has been put on record since Kenneth Arnold made what most believe was the first UFO sighting in the US. At that time, he claimed to have seen nine unusual objects near Mt Rainier, Washington, flying in tandem on June 24, 1947. From then until today, the sightings and experiences continue to be reported, and after decades of unbelief and mockery, even our mainstream media are taking UFOs more seriously, and the military is admitting to their presence in our sky.

I do believe it is time for the truth our government holds very secret to be revealed, and the public allowed to adjust and adapt. The reaction will be varied and profound, as it should be. No matter. Once people realize they aren’t in danger, nor going to be Sunday dinner for something from another planet, all will settle down and become a new beginning for the alien and the Earthling.

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