Stop Lemon Thief; Give Them Back

(Photo courtesy of McDonalds)

Thermal, California is a hot and dry community in the desert of Southern California. It is just the kind of place a tall, cold glass of lemonade would be welcome by anyone who needed to quench a powerful thirst.

But 800 pounds of lemons? Stolen lemons? Dionicio Fierros has some explaining to do, since that is how many lemons were found in his car by Riverside County Sheriffs’ deputies, who were conducting traffic stops in an attempt to quell recent thefts that have been reported from nearby farms.

When Fierros’ car was searched, after being stopped in the little farming town in Coachella Valley, they found his stash of freshly harvested lemons, which had been picked from one of the local farms.

Riverside County sheriff’s officials arrested the 69 year old man, and booked him for theft of agricultural products. No one knows, yet, exactly what Fierros planned to do with all the stolen lemons. It is safe to say, though, 800 pounds of lemons will make approximately 100 gallons of lemonade. That is a pretty good sized lemonade stand by anyone’s measure.

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