Alex Jones Sued Over Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories

Alex Jones, a radio show host broadcasting out of Austin, Texas, has had two lawsuits filed against him. The two suits were filed on Monday in Travis County, Texas, where Jones is a resident. Three parents are accusing him of defamation concerning the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

Jones repeatedly has called the Newtown, Connecticut shooting a hoax, and has stated he believes it was faked and has been surrounded by lies and coverup. He thinks the shooting was stacked with actors, and intended to further efforts to push forward destruction of the Second Amendment.

On an episode of The Alex Jones Show, he claimed CNN was part of the conspiracy, accusing them of using a series of green screens, in the aftermath of the shootings, to fake coverage of interviews with Anderson Cooper. Jones stated footage of Cooper had glitches because of poorly placed green screens. The lawsuit argues visual effects described by Jones are the result of a common experience called motion compensation video compression.

Jones also is being sued for publicly accusing Neil Heslin, father of Jesse Heslin, of lying about holding his son’s body, and observing the bullet hole in the boy’s head. But Owen Shroyer, who works for Jones’ site, said that it was not possible for Mr. Heslin to hold his dead son, because the medical examiner stated he showed photographs to the parents to identify their children. The lawsuit argues this type of accusation is a campaign of false, cruel, and dangerous assertions.

Mr Jones InfoWars media site and affiliated Free Speech Systems were also named as defendants. He provided a 10 minute response on Infowars on Tuesday. In it, Jones said that his lawyers were very confident the lawsuits were frivolous, because his efforts to discuss both sides of the issue were misunderstood and misrepresented by major media outlets. He stated it is every American’s right to question any big event, especially when it’s seized upon to take basic liberties away from Americans.

The parents are seeking at least one million dollars in damages. Mr Jones states the parents of the murdered children are victims being roped into this, and believes they will lose.

One thought on “Alex Jones Sued Over Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories

  1. Gail, this lawsuit is well earned. All these parents did was bury their murdered children and they have been vilified and stalked by followers of Jones’ conspiracy drivel. Jones is a con artist who peddles very over-priced survival products to people who tune into his conspiracy theories. The best example is he ranted for days how there were chemicals in the water system to make us neutral or the same gender. After doing this for a few days, he peddled a water purification system that could purify the water of such chemicals. Much of what he sells can be found in Walmart or other stores for much less. Thanks for sharing this, Keith

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