Zombie Raccoons In Ohio

Police in Youngstown, Ohio have been alerted to bizarre raccoon behavior, and are investigating. They have received at least a dozen reports of raccoons behaving like Zombies over the past three weeks. 

One Youngstown resident reported he was outside playing with his dogs, and a raccoon came up to them. He said he put his dogs inside the house, and the raccoon followed them, standing on its hind legs, baring its teeth, and then falling over backwards, as though it had gone into a coma.

Ohio’s Department Of Natural Resources stated 14 raccoons displaying this unusual behavior have been euthanized. They suspect the animals had contracted distemper, and were not suffering from rabies. Distemper is a virus causing coughing, tremors, and seizures.  It also can cause a raccoon to lose its natural fear of humans. 

Youngstown residents have been instructed to contact their local law enforcement agency if they encounter a strangely behaving raccoon. There will be further investigating into and monitoring of this bizarre behavior of the animals. 

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