Losers, The Main Stream Media, And A Coup 

Main stream media has become dishonest, disreputable, and deceitful. I can find no historical precedent in the US where sore losers deliberately and publicly avowed to take down a duly elected president, aided and abetted by the main stream media.

This is an attempted coup being worked out daily, in plain sight, all the while misguided participants believing they are doing something respectable and worthwhile.

Civility is gone. Honor is gone. Integrity is gone. It is a national disgrace, and the peaceful transfer of power guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America is being destroyed.

This must stop. Now. It is time to wake up, remember who we are, and begin a reinvigorated commitment to the principles and values that define the United States of America, a Republic, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

3 thoughts on “Losers, The Main Stream Media, And A Coup 

  1. Gail, I am not following you on this. Is this a tweet from our President or is the position you feel? As an independent voter and former Republican (and Democrat), I was all for giving the new President a chance, as his success will be ours. But, what I see today is a President who has consistently and routinely dishonored the office by not being very truthful and who is his own worst enemy.

    I see a mainstream media who is finally asking the questions needing to be asked. They were not asked during the election, which is unfortunate, as what we are seeing in the White House is commensurate with how the President has acted in business and on the campaign trail. I do agree there is more zeal than necessary by some, but I also believe much of the news comes from unforced errors of the White House. Four conservative writers – Brooks, Gerson, Krauthammer and Will – have raised concerns over the “chaos and incompetence” of this White House. The quote is from Brooks.

    Our intelligence community has confirmed with high certainty that the Russians meddled in our election. Now, the issue at hand now, is was there collusion? Even if the President and his team are totally innocent of collusion, the fact remains a foreign power interfered in our election. We cannot allow that to go without recriminations. So, an investigation must be done with earnestness.

    I am sorry if my thoughts do not jive with yours. I am welcome to your comments and where you disagree with me. Keith


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