R E S P E C T, Find Out What It Means To Me

January 23, 1986 saw the first ceremony for its Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. Held in the Waldorf Astoria’s Grand Ballroom in New York City, those whose music had been rooted and grounded in gospel, country, R&B, blues, and rockabilly, merging into rock and roll, gathered to be acknowledged and honored. They, and many more who were not inducted that night, upon whose shoulders all future rockers stand, forged the way, each having had their first album released at least twenty-five years earlier, and gave us that which is as fundamental to our beings and evolution as the years we count.


You will recognize the names:

Chuck Berry
James Brown
The Everly Brothers
Ray Charles
Sam Cooke
Fats Domino
Buddy Holly
Jerry Lee Lewis
Elvis Presley
Little Richard

It was the next year, on January 3, 1987 that rock and roll’s first woman was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Aretha Franklin, first of the roughly 8.5% female representation in that illustrious group. This amazing woman, born into gospel, and emerging as The Queen of Soul, has won 18 Grammy awards, and sold over 75 million records. Rolling Stone magazine placed her on two of their all-time lists: 100 Greatest Artists of All Time, and 100 Greatest Singers of All Time. She placed Number 9, and Number 1, respectively.


The music is indelibly imprinted on my life, and these songs performed by our powerhouse singer will remain, because she, and they are that good:


“I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)” (1967)
“Respect” (1967)
“Baby I Love You” (1967)
“Chain of Fools” (1967)
“(Sweet Sweet Baby) Since You’ve Been Gone” (1968)
“Think” (1968)
“Share Your Love with Me” (1969)
“Call Me” (1970)
“Don’t Play That Song (You Lied)” (1970)
“Bridge Over Troubled Water” (1971)
“Spanish Harlem” (1971)
“Day Dreaming” (1972)
“Angel” (1973)
“Until You Come Back to Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do)” (1973)
“I’m in Love” (1974)
“Something He Can Feel” (1976)
“Break It to Me Gently” (1977)
“Jump to It” (1982)
“Get It Right” (1983)
“Freeway of Love” (1985)

Congratulations, Aretha Franklin, on this 28th anniversary of your induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! I hold love, admiration, and R E S P E C T for you, and all you have accomplished. With all my heart, this Baby Boomer says, thank you!


21 thoughts on “R E S P E C T, Find Out What It Means To Me

        1. Hariod, would your family have spelled their names Braun in earlier generations? I am married to a Canadian whose maternal grandmother (Braun) came from Russia through Germany and finally to Canada.

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  1. I’ve been an Aretha fan since I was 15 and I wish she had added to her song list over the last decades. The only speeding ticket I ever got was Aretha’s fault! I went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame about, I don’t know, 15 years ago, and was most astonished by the Beatles clothing…they were so tiny! Resting my hand on Lennon and Ono’s church pew bed and seeing John’s blood splattered glasses…intense.


  2. It is ironic that you write about this particular artist now. I have spent countless hours searching YouTube and other sites for two of her songs that were my very favorites. Do you remember hearing her sing “By the Waters of Babylon” or “Brown Girl in the Ring?” My they were captivating! If you know any website that holds those, please let me know.


    1. I looked and looked, not very successfully. There is a site called looporbit.com that has quite a lot of her music, and both songs are listed. I did not listen, though; so if you like, take a peek and see if this has what you wanted. I hope so!

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