Ha! Fix This You Silly Mortal!

Some days I wish there were no Update, Edit, or Fix This Post At Your Own Risk options. It seems this is one of those days. And I should know better! I always have regretted it after monkeying with something I thought needed repairing.

So, without further embarrassing myself over the ongoing challenges I have with WordPress, suffice it to say I apologize if you, kind readers, see one or more of my posts popping up in your Reader one or more times. It was not my intention, but that appears to be irrelevant in the WordPress scheme of things.

I yield, and promise I will try to keep my hands off the Fix It If You Think You Can (muffled laughter emanating from keyboard) options in the future. And let us never speak of this again. Thank you.

10 thoughts on “Ha! Fix This You Silly Mortal!

  1. Of course, this was at 2:20 a.m. after you’d fiddled around with it for 4 hours, right? Grrrr–it can be maddening! Take a blogging break, Valleygrail, then get right back on the horse (or the bike, whatever.) 😉


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