The Lid Is Down; It Will Type No More Forever

Yesterday my faithful and trusted computer just quit. Not exactly as I have seen computers quit before; it simply refused to connect with the internet, no matter how much I pleaded with, or cajoled it. Nothing would compel it to speak to WiFi, and it would not put anything on the screen, even though the pages I looked for supposedly were open. Just a big, white screen, and nothing more.


I realize now it had been sending signals time was getting short, but sometimes I do not want to believe the worst. It was six years old, and had been treated with kid gloves from day one. I guess I thought if I maintained it well it would go on working perfectly forever.

Not this time. Its lid is down, and I have decided not to go back and try just one more time to see if it would come back to life. If nothing else, the fifty or sixty times I tried yesterday convinced me it was of no use to keep hoping. I never give up easily, and I really did not want to throw in the towel; but there does come that point when one has to say, “Well, all right then”.


A new computer is ordered and on its way here. I am happy it will arrive by next Wednesday, and in the meantime, I have my iPad on which to continue writing. It certainly is more challenging to use than my old laptop, but the truth is we are so fortunate to have tools in all shapes and sizes to help us get those pesky words from brain to page. It is probably even a good thing that I have to stretch and utilize something outside my comfort zone; keeps me thinking and working harder than normal, and at this stage of the journey, I believe that is recommended.

So once again, time is marching on, and that inevitable thing called change has insinuated itself into my cyber life, wanted or not. I am grateful all will not be lost from the experience, and that I can move forward despite the inconvenience. I am missing my old computer, because it was an integral part of my daily routine for a very long time; however, life lessons continue teaching me things come and go, and acceptance keeps us moving in the right direction.

13 thoughts on “The Lid Is Down; It Will Type No More Forever

  1. I dread the day when my laptop dies. I have Windows 7 and I really have heard lousy things about Windows 8 or 8.1 or 8.whatever. I like Windows 7 – we are long time pals and we know each other well. I don’t want to have to learn a whole new way of interacting with my computer. When this thing dies,and it I can’t get a new laptop with Windows 7 on it, I may just switch to the Mac. If I have to learn something totally new, I might was well go with something that many claim is better than Windows 8.

    Anyway, good luck with your new laptop when it arrives next week.


    1. We are so much on the same page. I have had Windows 7 since it came out and knew it backwards and forwards. Everyone I know who has it says Windows 8 is awful! I ordered the MacBook Air with the 13″ screen. It really is amazing what it will do at incredible speed. I am trying to keep positive about the change.


  2. I’m sorry for that – it’s never a ‘good’ time when a computer dies. I’m sure you had everything backed up, right?

    I have hated Windows since Windows 95. Each new iteration was worse for me. My brain doesn’t work like that. Some years ago, the latest Windows update crashed my laptop once again, but that was the last straw; I’ve been an Apple/Mac user ever since. Mac isn’t perfect, but it works for me. And if you have Apple Care, which I highly recommend, you can talk to a real live person whose first language is English who will talk you through whatever you need. In fact, my partner learned to use a video program by calling Apple for help.


  3. You will love your Macbook Air. I have the Macbook Pro and made the switch from windows in 2009. There is a learning curve but once you go Mac you will never go back! If you EVER have a question, please don’t hesitate to email me at The apple discussion forums are very handy too. I hope you purchased the Apple Care along with it because it allows you to call and get help for 3 years. I found it invaluable with my first Mac. Good luck! AND ENJOY! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I did get the Apple Care, and am really looking forward to my new adventure. Isn’t it amazing how attached we get to our computers? We do spend a lot of time with them, so they become very important in our day to day lives.


      1. Yes!!! I saved my old white macbook just in case my new macbook pro konks out and I have to take it in. It’s like we are disconnected from the world without them!


  4. Best wishes on your new friend. I am dealing with an unhitchable “y” key, so I need to find fewer words with that letter. Have a great weekend.


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