Hang Your Christmas Pickle

I’ve been thinking about the old Christmas pickle. Yes, you read it correctly; Christmas pickle. This is the ornament of most extraordinary significance found on your Christmas tree. Just ask anyone who was swift and observant enough to spot it first on Christmas morning! The history of Christmas pickles is almost more fascinating than the […]

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The Christmas Culprit Came Clean

My mother and I were sitting together in her room, talking about Christmases past, and I finally confessed to, and explained our longtime family mystery of misplaced toys. And when I say misplaced, I do not mean lost. I mean a toy that started out in one child’s pile of toys under the Christmas tree, […]

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Oh No! It’s Santa Claus…

I know my journey is far down the road, and even though it may be shockingly late to admit, I will state outright: My relationship with Santa Claus always was precarious, and as a child, I was more than a little ambivalent about that old, hairy, oversized, dressed in red guy. From the beginning of […]

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