Get Up Ev’rybody And Sing!

We like to sing in this home. I do not mean trained, you should try out for a Hollywood competition; WOW! that was amazing kind of singing. No. Here we just burst out in song over the silliest things, often at the most unexpected times. A bit like living in a musical, without a script […]

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Downtown Granny

My son and I were cleaning the seventy-two clams he and my grandson had dug that morning at our local beach, and as we worked together, our conversation turned to some tiny gold scissors I had brought into the kitchen to aid in our task. Our particular clams are small, and we found a really […]

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Don’t Want To Ride That Carp

I wish someone had left detailed directions for finding our family’s old fishing holes. There were so many, and each was within an hour’s drive of our home, located somewhere in that grassy rolling land between town and foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I do not know how my dad and grandfather knew of […]

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Let’s Skin That Dinosaur

I was thinking about the importance of words, and how we want to be perfectly understood, all the while understanding imperfectly. And it is not just semantics or definitions of words; there is so much more, especially if one has resided in different regions of the United States. Because, the reality is, we are not […]

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The Gift Of Thirty-Seven Stars, President Grant, Little Big Horn, and More

During a conversation with my friend this morning, we meandered into observations of noticeably different characteristics between her generation and mine, especially regarding computers, social media, and information technology, in general. We both really happen to like all things electronic, and are each other’s go to person when one of our technological toys runs amok. […]

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Her Name Was Grandmother

I have wondered, from time to time, what actually triggers memories of certain people; the recollections that seemingly pop up out of nowhere, and instantly take us back to a time or place we were not thinking about at all, and then render us unable to think of anything else. Particular scents, music, colors, weather; […]

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At This Stage

I have lost count of the times I preface a statement with, “at this stage of my life”.  I do believe that one glance identifies my particular stage; therefore, mentioning it probably is redundant.  So, by way of introduction, I simply say I am a Baby Boomer.  Yes, one of those seventy-six or so million […]

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