Love And Bop In The Fifth Grade

After lunch today, my twin grandchildren sat down at our kitchen table to address and sign Valentines for their preschool class. The joy and excitement were¬†palpable. This was the final task in preparation for their Valentine’s Party later this week; on Wednesday, all they need to do is take the cards to school, and deliver […]

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Zinnia’s Tribute

It was another beautiful autumn afternoon in 2007. The day was almost over, and I was at my final stop before going home. I always saved this nursing home for last when I was out in the field, because it was such a pleasant experience each time I visited. With an excellent staff and a […]

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Beyond My World

SOVIET FIRES EARTH SATELLITE INTO SPACE; IT IS CIRCLING THE GLOBE AT 18,000 M.P.H.; SPHERE TRACKED IN 4 CROSSINGS OVER U. S. Thus read the New York Times headline 56 years ago. On this day, October 4, 1957, the Soviet Union launched an artificial Earth Satellite into an elliptical low Earth orbit. Surprising everyone, it […]

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