A Shovel And Bucket Guide To Survival

I like to read about events in history that occurred on any given day. Today in 1957, the Gaither Report was issued. President Dwight D. Eisenhower had called a special committee to review our nation’s defense readiness. It concluded we had fallen far behind the Soviet Union in missile capabilities, and the report vigorously recommended […]

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To Desegregate Our Souls

For days, I have been mulling over a landmark Supreme Court decision, and thinking about how far we, as a nation, have come since May 17, 1954. Brown v. Board of Education. Sixty years to get it right; and I am not sure we are there, yet. To be specific, Oliver Brown, et al. v. […]

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Stop! Thief!

So many times, I have wondered how it was that my new school friend and I got away with our shoplifting sprees. We only did it three times before I resigned from my part in a life of crime; but that was enough to give me a good understanding of how ones actions dictate ones […]

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Love And Bop In The Fifth Grade

After lunch today, my twin grandchildren sat down at our kitchen table to address and sign Valentines for their preschool class. The joy and excitement were palpable. This was the final task in preparation for their Valentine’s Party later this week; on Wednesday, all they need to do is take the cards to school, and deliver […]

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Zinnia’s Tribute

It was another beautiful autumn afternoon in 2007. The day was almost over, and I was at my final stop before going home. I always saved this nursing home for last when I was out in the field, because it was such a pleasant experience each time I visited. With an excellent staff and a […]

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