Greada Treaty Of Deceit: Nordics, Greys, And A US President

It is February 20, 1954. President Dwight David Eisenhower is on a quickly called for and arranged mini-vacation to Palm Springs, California. He just had a vacation in Georgia, but he seems to need more golf. 

Unfortunately, President Eisenhower has to leave his vacation residence, at night, to make an emergency visit to a dentist. While eating fried chicken, he has had a troublesome cap on a front tooth come off, and it needs immediate repair. It has taken all night, and the President does not return home until dawn on the 21st, the following day. 

As plausible as this scenario may appear, Eisenhower’s tooth is intact, and he actually is taken to Edwards Air Force Base, formerly know as Muroc Army Air Field, north, in Kern County, California. There, instead of a dentist, he meets with Aliens from another Solar System to discuss a possible treaty. 

These Aliens are Nordic-looking, very much resembling the residents of Planet Earth. In the meeting with Eisenhower, they admonish him about the dangerous path his government is pursuing with nuclear weapons. They have a better way, and offer to assist in transforming society into healthful, peace-loving, spiritually mature caretakers of the planet and its population. 

Eisenhower believes he needs technology that will further his plans for weaponization, which from his perspective, guarantees strength and protection for the United States, in perpetuity. He rejects the Alien’s offer and refuses to submit to their plan for peaceful coexistence, which definitely includes nuclear disarmament.

A year later, president Eisenhower’s Air Force One landed at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, followed by the appearance of three round craft; one landing close to Air Force One, one hovering above, and one subsequently disappearing from view. 

Eisenhower boarded the craft, and when he reappeared, he had signed a Treaty with the occupants, Grey Aliens. He and the Aliens had negotiated the following:

• We would not be involved in their affairs and they would not become involved in ours

• They would help us with developing our technology

• They would not make a treaty with any other nation on Earth

• They could abduct humans for various experiments, but had to provide names of all those they abducted to Earth’s Majestic 12 committee

• The public would not be informed about the existence of ETs

This is the GREADA TREATY, acknowledged anecdotally, discussed, written about, and believed, or not, to have existed for sixty-four years. There is one issue to this treaty which has not received adequate consideration during all this time. That is, it is utterly and unequivocally without legality or merit. 

President Eisenhower was an intelligent man, surrounded by knowledgeable, intelligent staff, steeped in Constitutional law. He, and they, would have known, without hesitation, the president could make any treaty with whomever he wished; however, that treaty had to be discussed, analyzed, and agreed upon by two-thirds of the United States Senate. It was not. They were never even aware of the treaty. Therefore, it was null and void before Eisenhower ever stepped off the Grey’s craft.

There has been much speculation about the extent to which the Greys have deceived and disregarded stipulations of the Greada Treaty. However, in light of the illegality and outright deception on behalf of President Eisenhower, it would seem sanctimonious for the Greys to be the ones criticized. 

Perhaps a day will come when all mankind, and especially representatives of the United States, can make an honest treaty. And when it happens, that day will be celebrated as the time we all became eligible to take our rightful place in the Universe, and finally be members in good standing with our Star Neighbors. We continue to wait. 

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